DENTONPALOOZA is a charity event celebrating the strange and beautiful sights, sounds, and characters of Denton, TX.

Hyper-local. if you know, you know.
What charities will benefit?

PanCAN, North America's largest pancreatic cancer research charity.
DMAC, a non-profit focused on subsidizing healthcare coverage for Denton-area musicians and artists.

All profit from the tshirt sales and ticket sales will be split 50/50.
When/Where is the event?

DENTONPALOOZA will occur on December 3rd at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

2pm - 2am. All day and into the night.
How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase online here. We expect it to sellout. First come, first served.

1 ticket will cost $15.00
COVID-19 Notice

Proof of negative COVID-19 test within past 72 hours or full vaccination required for entrance to all shows

Let's do our part to get rid of this pandemic once and for all.
Can I dress up in a costume?

YES!!! This is highly encouraged. In fact, if it is good enough, you can win $250 gift certificate to Rose Costumes, one of our event sponsors.

Choose a thing from the list above and make a costume.
Who are the event sponsors?

Rose Costumes, More Fun Comics and Games, Recycled Books, Smilin' Ricks Tattoo, Orbit Press and LSA Burger.

Sponsors are helping us buy all the cool stuff we need for the event, so we can keep the profit going 100% to the charities.
How do I get a t-shirt / hoodie?

Preorders for the first design of shirts/hoodies ended October 7th. There will be a limited supply of those shirts available for purchase at the event. There is a new design of shirts featuring the cartoon you see in the image above.

Shirts are $20.
How do I buy the Tiger Head Keyboard Dude pin?

The limited supply pin is only available to attendees of DENTONPALOOZA. It can be found for purchase at the Pan Ector Industries merch booth.

It will be $7. All profit goes directly to Joshua (tiger head keyboard dude).
What can I expect at the event?

Ticket-holders can expect a mixture of music performances, interview sessions, dancing, crowd participation exhibits, art & food vendors, variety acts, photo opportunities, and a few surprises along the way.

It is going to be silly and fun.

Yes. We will try to keep it PG-13.

The old howdy doody sign is very scary.
Can my band play?

Probably not. We are attempting to keep it as close to the 'joke' poster (at the top of this website) as possible.

If you want, talk to Joey (dj yeahdef) and plead your case. We might be able to make an exception.
Can I sell something at your event?

Applications for vendors were closed on October 7th.

There will be a booth fee.
Who came up with all this nonsense anyway?

Hi, I'm Joey Liechty. I've lived in Denton since I moved here to attend UNT in 2003. I love Denton. I serve on the City of Denton Public Arts Committee. I'm also a DJ. Initially, the idea of this event was just a silly joke. Shortly thereafter, I realized that this event was something people wanted to actually attend. Knowing that I could not do it alone, I assembled a small team that is helping to make this show happen. Their names are Shep, Eric, Riley, Wally, Bryan, and Clint.

Let's party.